Who we are

We are a group of Salem residents working to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Salem city elections.

Current Local Voting System:

Right now, Salem municipal elections for Mayor, City Council, and School Committee are conducted via two separate elections: preliminary and general elections.

In the preliminary election, each single-winner race (Mayor and Ward Councilor) is narrowed down to two candidates, the at-large City Council election down to 8 candidates for 4 seats, and School Committee down to 6 candidates for 3 seats.  And then, a general election occurs 8 weeks later to actually select the winner.

Proposal for New Local Voting System:

One Ranked Choice Voting municipal election in November for both the single-winner seats and the at-large seats.

If you would also like to see Ranked Choice Voting in Salem, please sign the online Petition for Local RCV

To stay updated on this effort, email us at info@salemrcv.org