Benefits of RCV

Ranked Choice Voting:

  • Ensures Majority Support: This is done by counting the votes in a series of “instant runoffs” until one candidate has more than 50% of the vote

  • Expands Voter Choice: Ranked Choice Voting lets you vote for candidates you truly support, not just against the ones you oppose.

  • Promotes Diverse Candidates: More candidates will be encouraged to run for office without fear of vote-splitting.

  • Curbs Negative Campaigning: Rewards candidates who reach beyond their base to find common ground with more voters. Comprehensive polling that compared cities with RCV to those without found that voters in RCV cities experienced campaign messages that were more positive and constructive.

  • Saves Money and Boosts Turnout: RCV eliminates the need for costly, low-turnout preliminary elections for city office, saving cities money and concentrating voter participation into a single higher-turnout election.