Current Events and Endorsements

This just in:

The City of Salem Board of Registrars met with the Salem City Council Committee on Government Services co-posted with the Committee of the Whole. This meeting took place in person on Wednesday July 12, 2023, at 6:00 PM for the purpose of discussing a Home Rule Petition for a charter change relative to Rank Choice Voting.  After an educational and robust discussion, the committee voted to leave the matter in Committee and hold future discussions.

Dustin Luca, a staff writer at The Salem News, posted the following article: "Salem leaders exploring rank choice voting switch".  This is an excellent synopsis of the meeting detailing the view points both for and against RCV in Salem.   

Further discussions and public meetings will be noted here.  Please stay tuned.

At the April 27, 2023 Salem City Council meeting it was unanimously agreed that the Government Services Subcommittee  will meet with the Committee of the Whole City Council to discuss submitting a Home Rule Petition to the legislature to get permission to change the city charter relative to Ranked Choice Voting in Salem. 

An internal meeting with the City Solicitor to review legal issues occurred on May 18th and the Committee meeting  may be scheduled for July.

Salem RCV is endorsed by the following local civic organizations: